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Welcome to El Camino High School - A California State Model Continuation High School - Home of the Gators
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Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship

Young people spend an average of 7.5 hours/day consuming media- and this doesn't include computer use for schoolwork-according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. With technology always at the ready at your fingertips, it can be a challenge to unplug. But taking a break from technology is healthy for both the mind and body. The purpose of this scholarship is to help the student understand the negative effects of too much screen time. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is January 30, 2018. The award is for $1,000. Check out the website to get all the details, eligibility, application and process at:
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After School Dental Assisting Classes at the Adult School

The Adult School will be offering an After School Dental Assisting Class for high school students starting in January 2018! Upon completion of this class, the students will receive their x-ray license and dental assisting certificate. This class also includes internship at a local dental office. Be on the lookout for more information in January 2018.
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Youth Forward Scholarship

The deadline to apply is December 31, 2017. The award is $1,000. The sponsor would like to reward a student who wants to continue and enrich their education after high school. Volunteering in your communities make a huge difference. Check out the website to get the application, details of the scholarship and process at:
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This scholarship was established to reward students who seek to increase their knowledge and understanding of how Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention help ensure safe drinking water. The deadline to apply is January 31, 2018. The award is $1,000. There are two awards available. Check out the website for all the information at:
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Imagine a world- just 30 years from now - in which no one knows how to build a house or fix a leaky toilet.This can become a HUGE problem that could make that situation a reality. High school and college students have stopped pursuing careers in important skilled labor trades like plumbing, carpentry and heating and cooling. With the older adults who retire, there are no young workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to take their place. How do we fix this problem? This scholarship can help you if you want to apply for it. The deadline is December 15, 2017. The award is $5,000. and three awards are available. Check out the website at:
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Are you ready for 2nd Semester? Do you have enough credits to graduate? You can take a concurrent class at the Adult School to earn additional credit. See Ms. Mejia at SNACK OR LUNCH ONLY to see if you are eligible to attend. Remember YOU need the proper paperwork to enroll in the course and MUST take a parent! Registration begins December 5, 2017.
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The sponsor values hard work and entrepreneurship. As a startup company focused on protecting memories, they know that it takes dedication and determination to turn your ideas into reality and chasing your dreams can be hard. They are giving scholarships towards students who are chasing their dreams twice a year. The first place winner will receive a $1500 award, the second place winner will receive a $1000 award and the third place winner will receive a Picture Keeper Connect. The deadline to apply is December 31, 2017. Check out the website at: htttps://
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The deadline to apply for this scholarship is November 30, 2017. The award amount is $5,000. What does education matter to you? What is the value you hope to receive from college/trade school? What would you do to convince the college cynics? Speaking up for education could lead to helping you pay for your own. What would you say to someone who thinks education doesn’t matter, or that college is a waste of time and money in 250 words or less ? Applicants must be legal U.S. residents and plan to enroll in an accredited post-secondary institution of higher education after graduation. Check-out the website for all the details and application process at:
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ANY student who drives a car to school, MUST HAVE A STUDENT PARKING PERMIT in order to park on NLMUSD Property. This is effective immediately. If you drive a car, make sure yo pick up the application for a parking permit from the Main Office at snack or lunch. You have five days to get this done. After that, you will NOT be allowed to park on the school campus at all.
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Are you interested in taking the ASVAB Test? Sign up with Ms. Mejia at
snack or lunch ONLY!. The test will be given November 17th. It is a great
opportunity to figure out where you stand for Reading/math skills and your career opportunities for the future to help guide you.
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