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Welcome to El Camino High School - A California State Model Continuation High School - Home of the Gators
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Filing Your Financial Aid is FREE!

1.  Get started on your Internet scholarship search today.  Talk to your counselor or see the College and Career Monthly Newsletter for all the details and information you need to assist you.
2.  Get a FAFSA PIN (Personal Identification Number) for yourself and your parents now at:
3.  Get a common e-mail address for yourself and your parents.
4.  Get ready to do the FAFSA beginning January 1st, 2016.  The LAST DAY to file is March 2nd. So hurry up and do this.  It only takes a few minutes of your time and is well worth it.
5.  Get financial aid information and help with the FAFSA at local workshops, if you need it.
6.  Make sure your high school counselor submits your GPA Verification Form to the California Student Aid Commission by March 2nd.