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El Camino High School

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WELCOME to El Camino High School.  Home of the Gators and a California Model Continuation High School!
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Step 1:  Think about what you love to do.  What activities keep you so absorbed that you don't even notice how much time has passed?  Listing 10 things you love can help reveal possible paths.  Can you make connections between elements on your list?  Are a group of items related to the arts or social activities or technology?  What can you build by combining your passions?
Step 2:  Identify Defining Experiences.  Think about three (3) experiences that taught you something about yourself.  Choose the one that gave you the greatest sense of satisfaction and write a sentence that explains why that was so.  If you can pinpoint what makes you happy, you can aim toward a career that will provide those types of experiences.
Step 3:  Create A Self Portrait.  Are you friendly, creative, impatient, funny, organized? Try writing down a list of 10 qualities - sometimes other people see us more clearly than we see ourselves.  Now think about what sort of career fits the person your list describes.
Step 4:  Consider Your Strengths and Weaknesses.  Make a list of your five (5) top strengths and weaknesses.  What sorts of employers would be interested in your strengths?  Your weaknesses can also tell you a lot about where you might go.  Yo can either steer away from careers that require skills you're not confident about or work to improve weaknesses that may keep you from your goals.
Step 5:  Explore Careers.  Begin your path by visiting: