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WELCOME to El Camino High School.  Home of the Gators and a California Model Continuation High School!
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School Policies » Attendance



Regular attendance is extremely important. It will have a great deal to do with your level of success. Always report to the attendance office when returning to school after any absence, and/or if you need to be excused to leave school during the day. A parent or legal guardian may call the school at (562) 944-0033 to clear an absence.


A written pass is required whenever leaving a class that is in progress. The pass should include all destinations and should be signed by the teacher. The student should go only to a room or other place that is designated on the pass, and the pass should be available to show to any teacher or other authorized person along the route.


Tardiness can extend the time required to obtain credit. Avoid tardiness. It is the student's responsibility to ARRIVE in class on time, START for class at the proper time and be IN class ready to work. Tardiness is not acceptable in business or industry neither is it acceptable at school. Progress in school, credits and eventual graduation depend upon accomplishments and efforts in class.


One may NOT leave the school grounds for snack or lunch. THIS IS A CLOSED CAMPUS!! If it becomes necessary to leave the grounds, an appropriate pass must be obtained from the attendance office.